As with all online communities a set of rules needs to be established to help maintain a pleasant and positive atmosphere. It is important these guidelines be followed as harassment of community members is the most serious offense.

While it is up to an admin's final decision on whether or not an offending member will be banned, it is unlikely that someone who upsets the community will have a chance of remaining apart of it.

If you feel uncomfortable or upset about a community member, or believe someone has violated rules please report them via the talk page of admin FashionistaLina (talk)

1. Always be polite and respectful of the people on the community section and the site as a whole. This includes your fellow editors and not just people who are more casual members of the site. Please do not use the edit boxes to say passive aggressive, rude, or insulting things to people who've made edits you do not agree with. If you have an issue with another user, address it to the admin via the talk page. Do not fight with members on the wiki, It will likely solve nothing and may end with both users being banned.

2. Watch your language! Do not use crass, racist, or sexual language. Do not use swear words or other offensive language. This goes for photo stories, forums, and all other forms of communication on this site.

3. No personal photographs. All images posted to this site must be doll related in some way or another. There are no exceptions. Non related media that is uploaded will be deleted, and any images displayed via links will be edited off the site.

  • Also be aware of the appropriateness of your doll images. Please do not portray dolls sexually or in a way that could be deemed offensive.

4. Do not attempt to use the site to date, or encourage meeting up offline. The safety of the people here is important, and given that dolls can attract a younger crowd it is important to maintain the safety of possible minors and adults alike.