1. When entering a contest read the details carefully and make sure you understand the theme. If you are unsure of something in the details, ask an admin or post on the forums under the community tab.

2. Most of the time we don't mind if you choose to enter your submission with a photo story format. However, understand clearly that any crass or offensive language will lead to immediate disqualification from the contest and may lead to bans, both temporary or permanent depending on the offense.

When submitting in a photo story format please make sure to send both the photo story bubble image and the regular image, as we will want to see the full detail put into your display.

  • Offensive and crass language includes but is not limited to: profanity, racist slang or comments, sexually explicit remarks, or language that is believed to promote an abusive atmosphere.

3. Do not re-use previously taken photos for a contest submission. When a theme is posted it is desired that the community have fun attempting to best create the theme with their minis. Reusing a previously taken photo defeats this purpose.

  • While we don't allow photos to be reused, also understand that using someone else's photo is a big offense. If a user is caught using a photo that is not their own the offending user may be banned and will be disqualified and face a possible ban for attempting to use someone else's intellectual property to win a contest.
    • In the event that it is revealed a previous contest winner won their badge under false pretenses they will lose their winning badge and will be stripped of any mentions of placing in the contest.

It is likely they may face at least a temporary ban from the wiki and will likely not be allowed to enter future contests.

4. Try and present your images with good lighting and without wash out from flash. Flash is generally discouraged in both contests and review images.

  • Photo editing is allowed to an extent but we prefer it to be lightly done. Acceptable edits include: color balancing, brightness adjustment, contrast and saturation adjustment (only enough to bring the image to the correct color), cropping, and scaling.
  • Unacceptable edits include: Excessive saturation or contrast, photo shop filters, using color balance to tent an image a color that distorts the original colors, intentionally editing minis to hide details.

This is an example of what is OK and what is not.