Pieces in set Overall quality Release Date Availability
7 8 November 26, 2012 Discontinued


This set is relatively good for the price per piece ratio. It comes with a piece of fish, purple cutting board, knife, lemons, green storage container with lid, butter, and lemon slices (not separate pieces).

The container is cute, but it doesn't seal. For display it's really adorable and is very detailed with a lot of sculpted lines like you'd expect from a real container.

The cutting board and knife are kind of mixed on quality. The cutting board has a lot of small details that make it a pretty nice addition to any re-ment kitchen, while I feel the knife is a bit plain in every regard. It's very simple in it's sculpting and it's painting, Still a nice piece though.

The fish is sculpted with a lot of detail, but there is almost no painting on the meaty part of the fish like a lot of other fish dishes re-ment has produced, so it leaves a little to be desired in that department. The "skin" of the fish however has a neat semi metallic finish and is sculpted pretty well.

The lemons are probably my second favorite part of this set. They are semi clear yellow plastic and it has a beautiful amount of both textured sculpting and painted details. The details of the lemon pieces completely make up for the fact they're one solid piece.

The final piece of this set would be the butter. It's a large pad of butter. I believe the butter is a painted detail and the entire thing is made of the metallic silver the wrapper is sculpted from, and not a glued in piece. The wrapper has a very nice finish and the whole piece is pretty nice quality.

The overall quality of this set is pretty nice, though there are a couple pieces that could use a bit more detail. It would be a great set to practice painting more intricate details.

Image GalleryEdit

Homemade meals - 1 File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 1.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 2.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 3.png
File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 4.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 5.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 6.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 7.png
File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 8.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 9.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 10.png File:Homemade meals - 1 - owner photo - 11.png

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