Starting today we will be allowing measurements of dolls to be posted in a separate category. When writing a review you will be required to list any details about the doll you are using for scale reference.

  • A new editing guide will be posted on how to properly format the measurements table and what details to list, including a visual reference on where to measure.
  • A new tab will be added at the end of the site navigation bar that will list dolls by scale, the set up may be edited as new dolls are added.
  • Rules about editing will be updated to include information about the change.
    • Because of the massive range of dolls created by the Barbie line that have varying measurements depending on year and series, additional rules may be added about how to format these lines. The same rules will apply to companies that have a large range of bodies. The number of bodies will be specified upon the release of rules.

While we are officially implementing it today please be patient with the rules and formatting code being updated, as this may take at least a few days to finalize.


For now the Mattel section of the 1/6th category is being removed. After doing some research it became apparent that it will be a very difficult to moderate this section do to the wide and very scattered way miniatures from Mattel are released. Some items come in sets, but it seems the majority come as accessories with dolls. This site is not for reviewing dolls but miniature sets. If we get enough interest in the Barbie/Mattel line of minis, and a more active community to help keep it properly moderated it will be re-instated at a later date. But as of right now there are only 2 Admins on hand and neither of us have the extra time required to properly research the vast amount of items to make sure they are being properly managed.