Pieces in set Overall quality Release Date Availability
2  ? July 16, 2007 Discontinued


My initial thought when I pulled the dress out of the box was it isn't as vibrant a red as advertised, it's a slightly more faded rust toned shade of red, but still a very cute dress. The dress is accented with a waist belt that is sewn to the back near the velcro.

The dress has beautiful stitching for such a tiny garment, and while I usually dislike polka dot prints, this is one of my absolute favorite re-ment dresses.

The skirt has a mesh lining that is sewn to the bottom hem of the skirt that keeps it pulled into a poofy shape. While it's cute, it might require a bit of maintenance in terms of light ironing to get it to lay correctly as it tends to pull more in some areas depending on how it was packed and stored. Another bonus is the velcro used on this dress is very thin compared to some of the other Re-ment outfits.

How it fitsEdit


This dress fits beautifully on takara dolls, it is a bit loose in the waist but it looks adorable. It's just the right length on the takara body and looks very youthful.

The chest fits well and the neckline seems almost tailore to the takara shoulders.

Pure Neemo Flection S


Obitsu Soft Bust Large

This dress will fit 27cm Obitsu dolls, but like the other Re-ment clothes it doesn't flatter them. This dress is VERY short on the Obitsu 27cm girls, and the waist just floats around them. 

The large bust Obitsu girls just don't pull off this look. The chest is an extremely tight fit and is very unflattering. And the very childish style of this dress just looks out of place on this body type.

Obitsu Soft Bust Small

The bust fits kind of OK on the small bust girls, but overall it just floats around them. They do look better in the dress than the large bust girls since the chest area isn't pushed up and tightened by the larger bust size.  I think the major issue with the 27cm girls is the dress is designed to have a look that is more fitting on a younger girl instead of an adult or late teens woman, so the smaller dolls tend to look better in it because they are more youthful.

Image GalleryEdit

Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Owner photo - 1 Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Owner photo - 2 File:Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Owner photo - 3.png
Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Takara Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Obitsu LB File:Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Obitsu SB.png File:Puchi Sample - Changing in 30 days - 2 - Obitsu MB.png

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