This page is under construction as firmer guide lines for scaling are being revised.

One thing that is important for reviewing miniatures is designating a scale that they fit best.

The two most represented on this wiki would be 1/6 scale and 1/4 scale.

On this wiki, the cut off height for 1/6 scale dolls is 30cm. Smaller dolls from other scales can be classed into 1/6 IF they can pass as children. For example, if you have a 1/12 scale doll that is very busty, or one that is obviously elderly then it can't really pass as a 1/6 scale child. For children in 1/6 scale they can be infant size to teenager.

for 1/4 scale the minimum height for an adult is 40cm. We prefer a max height of 55cm for adults. Children are done similarly to 1/6 scale, as long as it is passable it'll work. However, the bigger the scale the harder it is to look passable because of size dimensions.

Dolls like Barbie or the 27cm or smaller Obitsu lines are not passable as children to 1/4 scale dolls.